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Why You Should Use Stainless Steel Sanitary Tube Fittings ?

Posted by Admin on August, 16, 2021

Sanitary tubes are a type of pipe fittings also known as hygiene fittings. These tubes and fittings were initially developed and used due to the fact that they are cleanable. In order to clean such a pipe the system can be dismantled and manually cleaned or the CIP or clean in process can be used. Keeping the pipes clean and hygienic would ensure that there is less entrapment areas for the bacteria to grow.

Stainless steel sanitary tube manufacturers claim that their products are anti corrosive. Also these pipes do not have any tight bends or pockets so that the user does not face any difficulty while cleaning them. The stainless steel alloys make sure that the pipes can be used more effectively and efficiently in demanding environments. One of the best features of any stainless steel sanitary tube is it’s smooth surface finish.

There is a parameter used by manufacturers known as the roughness average or the Ra to understand how smooth the surface of the pipe is. The sanitary tube fittings when looked upon at microscopic levels can have several peaks where germs or bacteria might flourish . The polishing method is used to reduce or eliminate these peaks and lower the roughness average.

According to industry standards the roughness average of the stainless steel sanitary tube fittings should be 32 Ra. This average must be followed for both inside and outside of the pipes. Any stainless steel sanitary tube manufacturer in India would use either of two methods for connecting the sanitary tube fittings. The methods are butt welding and tri-clamp connections.

The Tri-clamp style of fitting is one of the most popular types of sanitary tube fittings. It is used mostly in the pharmaceutical industry and the food and beverage industry. These clamps are available in mainly two types. They are:
• The two segment or single hinge style clamps
• The three segment or double hinge style clamps

The main purpose of using clamps is to create a connection between the two different process lines that would not have any chance of leaking. The stainless steel sanitary tube manufacturer companies have classified their products in sizes that range from ½” to 12”. This size is denoted by “ sanitary size”. It basically refers to the diameter of the tube or the pipe fitting from the outside.

The sanitary tube fittings can be found in the market mostly in steel alloys of three hundred four and three hundred sixteen. Some elements that are found in these stainless steel alloys are nickel , carbon , chromium and even magnesium. The alloy variant of three hundred four is used in most cases due to some of it’s properties like durability, resistance from corrosion and appearance. Before buying the stainless steel tube fittings, customers should always check for the certificate issued regarding the quality of the pipe. The certificates state whether the pipe has been manufactured keeping in mind the sanitary standards or not. The manufacturers also need to have proper licenses that are issued by an approved authority or organization.

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